Simplified. Satisfied.


The piles of papers kept growing over the years.  The boxes of stuff that I thought I would go through one day continued to multiply.  After a home remodeling project, I wanted to use the new space as it was designed for.  I called Mary for help and after our sessions together, the tension, stress, and frustration that I was feeling over the lack of organization in my home was gone!  Mary was so kind and patient during the process.  I never once felt judged.  I looked forward to her coming because it meant my house and life was becoming organized. I am so thankful for her help.  S.L.

Mary did an awesome job of helping us to get our space organized.  She helped us realize the things we needed to keep and the things we could let go of.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is "stuck" and doesn't know how or where to begin to get organized!  A.C.